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All About the Elements

Practice observing elements around you! Everything is a play of 5 Elements.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ If we understand this simple yet profound concept, we can incorporate necessary changes in our diet and lifestyle to stay healthy both mentally and physically.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Food… Read More »All About the Elements

Menstruation Protocol Image

Menstruation Protocol

Women today have many more responsibilities and have to be on their toes constantly to prove their talent. We have to go on with our lives like nothing happened even during menstruation days. We have to accept the consequences that… Read More »Menstruation Protocol

To do or not to do!!

We are the only living beings bestowed with knowledge, this intellect will help us make the right choices using logical reasoning. With great deal of information available at our fingertips, we know countless things that can help elevate the quality… Read More »To do or not to do!!


Expand Your Tool Kit!!

The latest hot topic is Coronavirus now, it is an epidemic and could soon be classified as a pandemic too. Ayurveda talks about these epidemics and natural calamities as Janapadodhvamsa which can lead to mass destruction. I think this is… Read More »Expand Your Tool Kit!!


Sleep like a Baby!!

What is sleep? Sleep is considered as one of the three pillars that effects life. Why is it so important that it is classified as one of the three (the other 2 being Food and Procreation Process) pillars? Stay awake… Read More »Sleep like a Baby!!