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Expand Your Tool Kit!!


The latest hot topic is Coronavirus now, it is an epidemic and could soon be classified as a pandemic too. Ayurveda talks about these epidemics and natural calamities as Janapadodhvamsa which can lead to mass destruction. I think this is the nature’s way of giving up a wakeup call; giving us a chance to re-think the choices we make for ourselves. Instead of scrambling in the last minute and trying to research all the resources when we face the problem it is better to be prepared ahead of time, just like having a good balance in savings account which will help us pay any unexpected payment that might come up!

Awaken the soldier inside you in Crisis Mode!!

  • Make sure to drink boiled water only–Boil your water to half along with spices like 1 tsp each of Cumin, Coriander, Fennel seeds, dry ginger powder and a small 24 carat gold peice (if possible)–filter; bring this to room temperature and sip this only through out the day according to your thirst
    • Adding spices will increase the digestive fire and gold has anti poison properties so you are armed and prepared to attack
  • Eat warm cooked foods only according to your hunger and stay with foods you are accustomed to 
    • You want to save your digestive fire to fight with foreign objects and not use it for digesting the heavy meals
  • Keep proper sleep schedule
    • You are quite aware yourself how alert your brain works with or without sleep, consistent deprivation of sleep means you are working on less battery  power all the time; reflect upon this and make a choice yourself
  • Practice Personal Hygiene
    • Cleaning yourself appropriately will help you keep away from the enemies
  • Proper Exercise
  • Abhyanga
    • Regular oleation of body with warm oil on empty stomach keeps your skin strong and helps you stay powerful
  • Maintain positive thoughts
    • Believe it or not this works wonders, our body and mind are so connected; let us develop an attitude of come what may I am ready to fight . We constantly live in an apprehension of what might happen especially with many media posts bombarding us through various channels, believe that you are equipped with all the tools and use some meditation tracks to help you with this

These are the principles from the 5,000 year old science and no updates were needed ever since, I certainly think these tools would be pretty useful and handy!! Try them and let me know what you think

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