Abhyanga and Swedana Treatment at Ayurhitam. 


What are Abhyanga and Swedana in Ayurveda?

A dual healing therapy that begins with abhyanga- a method of rhythmic strokes using herbal oils that stimulate blood circulation to the lymph nodes to regulate energy. After a relaxing massage all over the body, the process of Swedana begins. Herbal steam is used to improve blood circulation, detoxification, the release of muscle inflexibility, opening up of channels and the toning of the skin. 

Swedana is the hot steam on the body post a vigorous herbal massage. This is done while you are still lying down on the massage table. This leaves your body light and supple

How is Abhyanga’s treatment at Ayurhitam done?

Ayurhitam is the best choice for abhyanga treatment as we have certified massage therapists that got trained in Ayurvedic bodywork. A suitable ayurvedic oil is chosen that can be well absorbed into your skin, and the entire body is massaged in a vigorous manner. Oils chosen for abhyanga treatment are based on individual imbalances, influences, and the current season. 

After a strong and vigorous massage over the neck and down to the feet, we give you steam using steamy wonder

How is Swedana done at Ayurhitam?

After a relaxing Abhyanga massage, swedana is performed. Hot steam is given all over the body except for the head using a steamy wonder. We use a fermented solution that is passed through the body continuously through a special device and gently massaged into the skin with circular hand movements by our highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic practitioner. Effective in treating obesity and relieving pain.
Swedana is recommended for many musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions and removes any stiffness.

Why is Ayurhitam the best choice for Abhyanga and Swedana?

At Ayurhitam, we first listen to your concern and try to diagnose the best method of treatment that can be suitable for you based on the scenario. 

The team at Ayurhitam included certified massage therapists and certified practitioners who design the perfect therapy for you. Our team of practitioners are recognized to provide the right solution for health concerns hence making it the best abhyanga and swedana treatment center in the US.

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