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Janu Basti- Ayurvedic Knee Care Treatment

Janu Basti- Ayurhitam

What is Janu Basti?

Our skeletal system is made up of tiny cells that work hard to keep the human body active. But, as time goes by, due to external factors, there is a high chance that these cells lose their ability to function. Ayurvedic treatments can aid in overcoming such issues to a great extent. 

Knee joints are considered the body’s load bearers and hence require regular care to avoid external or internal damage.

Janu Basti is an ayurvedic treatment for the knees. Due to external and lifestyle disturbances, knee joints are always ignored till they give some sign of pain as a sign of attention. Inflammation, injury, and age are a few common reasons for knee discomfort. 

Janu Basti is a pain-relieving method for the knees. It can reduce- pain in the knee joints, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints.

The word Janu means Knee Joint, and Basti means to hold. Combined, Janu Basti means holding something on the knee joint to relieve discomfort.

Signs that show that you should opt for ayurvedic knee treatment:

Ayurvedic knee treatment or Janu Basti the most practiced ayurvedic treatment. It can be indicated in conditions like: 

  • Osteoarthiritis of knee joints.
  • Ligament Tear
  • Rheumatism 
  • Subluxation of knee joint
  • Chronic Pain of knee joints
  • Post-trauma knee pain
  • Strains or sprains to the knee
  • Knee Bursitis. 
  • Natural degeneration of knee-joints,

How is Janu Basti done?

Ayurhitam relies on sacred and ancient therapies to heal the human body. We begin by grounding with a prayer and clear the aura around before we begin any kind of healing therapy. 

Our therapist uses ancient method to soothe the knee joints. 

A dam of dough is created around the knee and the stiff joints are carefully bathed in warm medicated oils. The dough is often made from organic black gram flour and is carefully arranged around the knee forming a small dam. Warm medicated oil is poured over the knee lubricating the stiff joints and providing comfort and relaxation. The oil is replaced multiple times to retain temperature. 

The warm oil increases the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the knee joints which relieves the stiffness in the knee. With the increase in blood circulation in the knee area, the joints gain the lost strength to the joints, bones and muscles.

The Janu Basti treatment at Ayurhitam is followed by a relaxing massage by our massage therapist and steam. 

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Knee Care Treatment(Janu Basti)?

The warm medicated oil when stored on the knee joint for a certain period of time increases the flow of oxygen providing a relaxing and soothing experience to the muscles. 

Apart from this the benefits of Janu Basti include: 

  • It clears the Vata(air) element in the human body. 
  • Secondly, it helps in rejuvenation of the knee joints and reinforces the joint structures
  • Subtracts the knee pain
  • The strengthening of knee joints prevents the further degradation of the joints which may be caused by age or any external factors.
  • Increase in blood circulation in the area, hence provides stronger muscles and tissues.
  • Manage Arthiritis pain around the knees.


Which is the best place to get the ayurvedic knee treatment?

In order to get an ayurvedic knee care treatment it is always advised to visit a certified and well-trained practitioner.Janu Basti is known to be effective for knee joint diseases like Osteoporosis, artiritis, legament tear, chronic knee pain and many more. 

At Ayurhitam we thrive to authenticity with an aim to practice ayurveda as original science by combining the ancient teachings with the modern lifestyle. 

We understand that knee joints are those friends who stick around during your tough times so it is your duty to pamper the joints as and when required. Damage in knee joints can occur due to many reasons and with the current lifestyle,obesity is one of the most common reasons. Alongside of proper diet, time to time detoxification is equally important for the best of joint health. Thankfully, ayurveda has derived a long-lasting solution to such kind of knee pains. Janu Basti is a method of treatment which is offered via prior appointment. 

When should you avoid Janu Basti?

Janu Basti is an ayurvedic treatment which is can help to over come knee issues. But, there are certain reasons where we at Ayurhitam avoid the treatment in the following scenarios:

  • You are suffering from Chronic Sinusitis
  • With a history of heart related issues. 
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Chronic Fever
  • Diarrhea.
  • Few Rheumatic conditions
  • And some others as recognized by our practitioner.
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