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Marma Chikitsa: gentle stimulation of vital points in the body that restores energy levels, alleviates anxiety, stress, trauma and improves sleep. $120
Shirodhara: a stream of warm oil on the forehead and scalp that calms the nervous system, and alleviates emotional stress, insomnia, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. $120
Manya Basti: warm oil bath on the neck area for mild or chronic pain and tension, such as cervical spondylosis. $100
Janu Basti: warm oil bath on the knees to lubricate and detox. It improves flexibility, relieves pain and strengthens the knees. $120
Netra Basti: warm ghee bath in the eyes to relieve tiredness, pain, dryness, itchiness, and tension. It reduces wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. $120
Karnapurna: warm oil bath inside the ears. It improves sleep, ear problems, migraines, neck or jaw pain, and vertigo. $75

Other treatments

Pinda Sweda: therapy that uses a bolus of medicated rice and milk to massage the body. It promotes the elimination of toxins, increases blood flow, relieves joint pain/stiffness and overall enhances functioning of the joints. $100 and each additional body part is $25

Churna Pottali: therapy that uses a bolus of medicated powders and oils to massage the body. It helps to remove toxins and stiffness. $100

Nasya: inhalation of medicated steam along with application of medicated oils inside the nostrils. It helps to release excessive mucus build up in the sinuses, throat and lungs. It gives a sense of mental clarity and lightness in the head area. $90

Padabhyanga: foot massage that stimulates the nerves, increases energy, stimulates blood circulation, induces relaxation, eliminates toxins, prevents migraines and improves urinary problems. $90

Shiroabhyanga: relaxing technique where the head is massaged to stimulate all the senses and awaken sensorial perception. $90

Mukhaabhyanga: relaxing technique where the face is massaged to lift the facial muscles, relax the jaw and release mental tension. $90

Anuvasan Basti: $90