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Ayurvedic Lower Back Pain Treatment(Kati Basti).

Kati Basti Treatment
Kati Basti- Ayurhitam

Ayurvedic Oil-Pooling Technique for the Knees.

The shoulder, lower back and neck muscles need a professional approach to relieve the tension in these particular muscles. Thanks to Ayurveda which provides a unique and historic approach targeting the root cause of the issue.    

Kati Basti is a long-established ayurvedic treatment for lower back spasms, sciatica, slipped-disc disorders, spinal discomfort, etc. It is a type of external oleation(Snehana). A unique concoction of warm medicated oil is poured on the lower back. The warm oil decoction can stand on the lower back for a few minutes. 

The oil temperature is maintained at a subtle tolerable temperature to provide maximum results. The warm oil poured over the lower back increases blood circulation, which then results in releasing stiffness in the muscles and reduces pain or spasms in the lower back. 

Signs you might need Kati Basti: 

Kati Basti is an ayurvedic treatment exclusively followed to take care of lower back disorders in an individual. Musculoskeletal disorders can be aggravated with dryness and prolonged stiffness which increases the Vata Dosha, that increases the inflammation of the body resulting in extreme pain.  

When the quantity of the Vata increases, it reduces the blood flow to the area, which affects the bone tissues, leading to many problems. 

The signs that show that you might need ayurvedic lower back pain treatment:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • prolong sciatic pain
  • disc prolapse
  • slip disc issues
  • osteoporosis
  • compressed disc and spinal nerves
  • age-related bone or muscle degeneration

The method of treatment for Kati Basti:

The word Kati means lower back, and Basti means to store. It means holding something in the lower back to help release the pain. The pelvis, sacrum, colon and spine are considered the places of Vata dosha, and the imbalance of this first shows up on these points.

Ayurhitam relies on the 5000-year old tradition of healing which always begins with the cleansing of aura before begining any kind of treatment.

The person is asked to lie face down on the massage table.Organic flour dough is placed approximately five inches in diameter on the lower back. The dough is positioned to be devoid of any leaks from the surrounding. Warm, medicated oil is poured inside the reservoir, concentrating on the oil’s healing benefits. The warm oil lubricates and nourishes the stiff joints by removing the excess cold, dry and rough areas of the lower body that directly or indirectly impact mobility. The warm oil treatment also nourishes the spinal discs and counters the symptoms of arthritis.

After 40-50 min, the oil is carefully removed and our therapist gently massages the area.

When should you avoid Kati Basti?

Where ayurvedic treatments are helpful and are known to provide a relaxing experience, it is important to keep in mind that the ayurvedic treatment for lower back is ought to be avoided in the following scenario:

  • Prolonged swelling in the lumbar region
  • You are or you think you are pregnant
  • Currently in the menstrual cycle
  • Suffering from any kind of skin infection or skin allergies
  • Unable to lie down for more than 30 mins. 
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