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Netra Basti

netra basti-ayurhitam.

Netra Basti-A Heavenly Ayurvedic Treatment for Eyes

Netra Basti is a traditional ayurvedic method of treating eyes that can enhance eye-sight, counter fatigue and heaviness due to dry eyes, and slow deterioration of the retina. In the present digital era, eyes are one of the most strained sense organs in the body. The medicinal power of the herbs is utilized and is directly targeted to the “Netra” the Sanskrit word for eye. It is always advised to perform Netra Basti by a certified ayurvedic practitioner. 

In other words, Netra Basti is a method of bathing the eyes in oil or ghee, the dust particles, impurities, or mucus form a layer in the ghee and hence result in relaxing eyes.

This method of treatment at ayurhitam has the ability to cure dry eye syndrome and strengthen the eye muscles at the same time. It can help to reduce the risk of cataracts, ptosis, ocular muscle weakness, and many more.


How is Netra Basti at Ayurhitam done?

Netra Basti is a preventive and restorative ayurvedic treatment for the eyes. A certified ayurvedic practitioner at Ayurhitam prepares a dough using organic flour and is placed around the eye area creating a small dam. 

The small dam is then placed with warm ghee (clarified butter), either a normal or a medicated version. The warm ghee is retained in the eye area at a specific temperature for a specific time. 


Upon removal of the ghee, our practitioner massages the marma points around the affected area. 


Netra Basti treatment at Ayurhitam is done in three stages:

  • Pre-treatment: At ayurhitam, we first begin by examining the patient’s current health issues. 
  • Preparation: The materials required for the procedure are collected that include medicated ghee or plain ghee, organic flour for making the ring around the eyes, tissues, and sterile clothes.
  • The beginning of the treatment: the cleansing of the eyes is done just before the Netra Basti treatment begins. 
  • Flour ring: an organic flour ring is mixed in a vessel with water and is placed around the eye area of the patient in the form of a small dam. 
  • The treatment:  after creating a small dam around the eye, the lukewarm medicated or normal ghee(clarified butter) is slowly poured around the eye. The patient has to blink their eyes for approximately 30 mins or as required for the eye to directly come in contact with the medicines.

 Who can get the Netra Basti treatment at Ayurhitam?

 Netra Basti treatment is for those who suffer from

  • Darkness in front of the eyes
  • Myopia or astigmatism
  • Dry eyes
  • Injured eyes
  • Falling eyelashes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Watery eyes
  • Painful and swollen eyes.

 At Ayurhitam we recommend this treatment can be done within a week’s gap for long-lasting results. 

 How can we as patients understand that the Netra Basti treatment is working?

After a relaxing Netra Basti treatment at Ayurhitam, the patient can immediately feel the difference in the following ways:

  • Clarity of vision
  • Peaceful and sound sleep
  • A clear perception of colors
  • Toleration of light
  • Improvement in eye health.  
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