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Shirodhara Treatment

shirodhara treatment at Ayurhitam

What is Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment?

Shirodhara is an ancient form of healing where a stream of oil or decoction is poured on the forehead for a fixed amount of time . Shirodhara is pretty safe and it’s said to have relaxing, soothing, and calming effects on the body and mind.

Our head has all the sense organs which controls the entire body and keeps us healthy when they are in balanced state. We know that most of the imbalances appear due to a disturbed mind and senses. Shirodhara takes care of balancing our control center so the entire body can stay in a balanced state.

 During this therapy, a well-established ayurvedic technique, dripping medicated oil or decoction is poured on the forehead for 45-60 minutes to induce deep relaxation and to balance certain conditions. This is also known to prevent many psycho-somatic conditions. 

How is Shirodhara treatment at Ayurhitam done?

Ayurhitam uses the Shirobliss equipment to administer Shirodhara and this procedure makes use of a variety of ayurvedic oils and concoctions to relieve stress and gets rid of mental exhaustion(at a constant temperature optimized for your condition). We choose a medicated oil that is best suited for your condition. We create a deeply relaxing atmosphere in the treatment room with calming music and comfortable temperature to ensure a pleasant experience and maximum benefit for our clients.

Why is Ayurhitam the best place for Shirodhara treatment?

Ayurvedic practitioners at Ayurhitam will assess your health and determine whether Shirodhara is appropriate for you. We also ask questions to determine the underlying disorder using Ayurvedic parameters and choose an oil that would be best for you. Doing so gives you a well-thought-out and effective treatment, rather than just a generic spa-like experience.

The benefits of Shirodhara treatment at Ayurhitam?

We use traditional and classical Ayurvedic medicine to treat our clients. Our body therapies are therapeutic as well as aesthetic. Getting Shirodhara at Ayurhitam is an extremely healing experience. In response to your questions and after speaking with you, we decide:

  • Whether Shirodhara is appropriate for you?
  • Which kind of oil is right for you?
  • How long should this treatment last?
  • And we also provide post-procedure instructions about how long to keep the oil or wash off depending on your specific condition.
What do our clients say: