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Tips on how to raise your kids


Children are generally in the “???????? ?????” of their life and thus automatically have “excess mucous”. It is therefore important to maintain the good quality of mucous (kapha). You cannot just build it with anything, providing proper nourishment is the key.⁠⠀⁠⁠

⁠⠀⁠They are more prone to infections due to excess mucous; it is our responsibility to keep them away from infections. A few tips to follow from very early on are listed above.

How to raise healthy kids 1

This “building stage” mentioned earlier also consists of the building of structure, in other words, the building of habits (lifestyle) and belief systems. And there is no better way to support this stage of your child’s life than to be the role model they need to become the best they can be. Having said that, observe what it is that you would like your child to accomplish, and emulate that same principle in your life before expecting him/her to do it for themselves.

Just think back for a second and see if you can remember any healthy and unhealthy habits you picked up from your parents that may be causing you some desirable or undesirable effect in your life right now. Would you have wished your parents to have modeled something different?

If you were able to find something you learned from your parents that you wish you had not learnt, then see this as an opportunity to make adjustments in your current children’s upbringing.

Some examples of healthy habits that will significantly affect your childrens’ health forever:

  • Regular Exercise

Make it fun, maybe go to a park and play a sport together? Doing chores around the house is also a physical activity.

  • Going to bed early, waking up early

When the whole family goes to bed at the same time, it normalizes going to bed at that time.

  • Eating only based on need and hunger, not out of gluttony

This will help avoid using food as an object of gratification rather than an essential life supporting activity

  • Not suppressing our bodily needs

As a child, did you ever hold your need to use the toilet because you were having so much fun playing? Adults also ignore other types of bodily needs. It is not a surprise that adults too can sometimes be so engrossed in their work or recreational activities that they ignore their hunger, tiredness or need to use the toilet. According to Ayurveda, suppressing your bodily needs is very detrimental to one’s health.

  • Not suppressing our emotions and learning to communicate our feelings properly.

As children, many of us were told not to talk back when being reprimanded or to simply keep our opinions to ourselves because we do not know better than our parents. This is very detrimental later in life, as we become accustomed to bottling up our feelings to an extent where we end up taking it out on our loved ones unfairly and ruining our relationships, or the emotions manifest as a silent killer disease later in life.

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