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Menstruation Protocol

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Women today have many more responsibilities and have to be on their toes constantly to prove their talent. We have to go on with our lives like nothing happened even during menstruation days. We have to accept the consequences that come along with it because of our helplessness to reduce our daily activities….????, ???, ???????????, ???????? ??????????, ?????????? ???..⁠⠀

It is extremely important to acknowledge the bodily changes that happen during that period and address it accordingly.⁠⠀

Women are given this wonderful gift of natural cleansing every month. Allowing the process to happen by itself without interruption will bring multiple long-lasting benefits.⁠⠀

Menstruation Protocol

It’s important to remember that, for best results, most of the tips above should be followed all the time and not just during your period. Women’s cycle is 28 days long even though the bleeding part is only a few days. This means that the quality of your menstruation will directly depend on how well you took care of yourself the 20+ days you were not menstruating. It is totally possible to have nearly pain-free, tiredness-free, good-mood menstruations if you have a regular healthy routine.

A couple of more suggestions to start getting the best cycles ever:

As much as possible, on your heavier days, cancel all your non-urgent activities or delegate them, so you can rest as much as possible (even cooking!). It may be the only day(s) in the month you get to really have a true day off from your usual routine.

Get your loved ones used to respecting this sacred time for you so you don’t carry any guilt from wanting to sit on the sofa all day. Lastly, instead of rejecting your period or complaining about your body (a negative and harmful pattern a lot of us share), start honoring your period and feel grateful for the chance to get a free detox every month! If you are suffering from any menstruation related issue and are serious about getting help, contact me…

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