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Fear is the Bigger Monster than the Enemy Itself!


Fear of facing the enemy is much more worse than the enemy itself!! I am inundated with multiple articles and messages about latest updates on COVID-19 and I am sure it is the same for all of you. I totally understand that the invisible enemy we are dealing with is pretty dangerous. Precaution is absolutely necessary and we need to arm ourselves and fight when needed, however I feel panicking about the situation will probably not make things better but will only make it worse.

Let us think about multiple challenges we faced through out our life. The panic attack we had as kids before taking that test, as adults when going into a job interview, fear of losing loved ones, fear of revealing a tough truth to loved ones, fear of world ending during y2k and the list goes on. Yet, we have survived and life moved on. We should also not forget that nature has taught us something profound after coming out of trouble each time. This too shall pass and life will move on but let us not waste this lesson and make some use of it. Did you notice already that we are not complaining about little things in life and actually grateful for certain thing?

Ayurveda says the status of your mind decides your vulnerability to fall sick. There are 3 different traits of mind–Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Let us talk in detail about these

  • Sattva- With this mindset people will have much balance in life, life is a celebration no matter what comes their way
  • Rajas–Have tendency to be over active and over enthusiastic about anything, handles multiple things at once, very unstable
  • Tamas- Seems oblivious to things around, lazy and choses not to take action or ownership for any situation around

It is crystal clear which mindset would benefit us. Events come and go, but maintaining centeredness and sanity in life helps you keep away from diseases on the physical realm too..This practice is described in Ayurveda as Achara Rasayana. Practicing good moral behavior itself gives all the benefits of physical health without taking any medicine. Few examples of this behavior include but not limit to

  • Remain calm and composed
  • Be thankful to nature for giving the much needed rest
  • Be assured that your immune system is truly powerful
  • Stretch your hand and help others in need especially the elderly ones that cannot go out to shop
  • Do not hoard groceries more than necessary
  • Believe that you will be provided with what is needed when necessary

Opinions are created with multiple experiences we go through in life, if our mind gets hit with the same experience/information it becomes a permanent impression. We are constantly bombarded with the panic information through media and we don’t have a choice but to have a permanent etching in our brains with what is being fed. Open up your minds and practice Achara Rasayana so you make your own impressions and use the information that is provided to you for precautionary purpose and not to panic.

So begin your day fresh that today is the happiest day of life and something extra ordinary will happen today, forcefully practice this and you will see the difference in your physical health too.


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