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Ayurveda’s Treatment Potential!!


There is a common misbelief around Ayurvedic science that its utility is only for prevention and that too with rigorous routines and regimens. I agree that there is not much substantial research about the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatments, however that does not deny its amazing capability of treating a condition from its root cause. There is a famous sutra from Charak Samhita(one of the greatest encyclopedia’s on Ayurveda).

Prayojanaṃ cāsya svasthasya svāsthyarakṣaṇam
āturasya vikārapraśamanaṃ ca Ca Su 30/26

This clearly explains that Ayurveda’s application is not only to protect health of the healthy but also to heal disease of the sick. Protection of health is elaborately mentioned in the first chapters because Prevention is definitely easier and better than cure. Then comes the chapters that explain about various diseases in a detailed manner, they are mentioned in the order of causative factors, symptoms, treatment and rejuvenation.

Causative factors for each disease are very clearly explained to help an Ayurvedic Physician trace the foot steps back and arrange the puzzle pieces together to understand how the disease appeared. This helps the patient to be an equal contributor in the treatment process.

Substantial amount of emphasis is given on various symptoms that one can experience before and during the manifestation of a condition. Symptoms that one can experience due to various complications are also explained in detail.

Yābhiḥ kriyābhirjāyante śarīre dhātavaḥ samāḥ /
cikitsā vikārāṇāṃ karma tadbhiṣajāṃ smṛtam // Ca. Su 16/34

Treatment is any process which leads to restoration of all the tissues to their balanced state. Here; the most important thing to look at is “all the tissues”. An Ayurvedic physician is trained to look at your body as a whole and is able to connect the dots between various conditions/symptoms happening in your body at the same time. Treatment protocols have definite logic behind them and also give you wide variety of regimen to choose from in case you do not have access to certain herbs. Protocol might seem very simple but results are magical; however the thought process is purely scientific and logical. The biggest aim of treatment is not to aggravate the current condition (no side effects) and protect the healthy tissues.

Rejuvenation: After bringing the tissues back to their balanced state protocols are also described on how to boost the compromised tissues and give them extra energy, so they will not be predisposed to ailment again.

It is amazing to see that there was so much thought process behind every condition and a comprehensive treatment plan is given for each and every disease. Depending on the type of condition and its chronicity it is possible to see results as quick as 24h. Ayurveda does not mask symptoms but cures the condition from its root cause.

Just like Einstein’s theory of relativity can be extrapolated and used for newer inventions, principles behind each treatment can be extrapolated and applied to any newer condition we encounter. So it is a no brainer to choose treatment protocol from the 5,000 year old science. The fact that the science has sustained for these many years through many epidemics and pandemics is a true testament and would not require statistically proven double blind studies for its utility.

There are many fundamentals and principles mentioned in the Ayurvedic textbooks for the treatment of symptoms that are being manifested by COVID-19. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at or 510-556-3738 for any questions on treatment or prophylaxis and I would be happy to guide you.

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