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Who is in charge of your health?

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We would not let anyone make a decision of what car we want to drive, what clothes we would like to wear, or what house we want to live in…

Then, why are we easily allowing the responsibility of our precious health in someone else’s hand?

Make a decision today to tune into your own body and make a conversation with it..the truth is no one else knows it as well as you do…

Cooking is a huge part of self-care and one that most people don’t care much about. Starting from the fact that cooking your own meals can help you save money, cooking also has other added benefits, such as:

  1. It helps YOU decide what should really go into your food. So many restaurants and even home cooks lack the basic understanding of incompatible food items. Some people do not even consider the prana level (living energy) of the food. So even when you are eating a bowl of salad with a home-made dressing, which most would think is healthy, some items in your salad or in the dressing may not be compatible with others or they may no longer be fresh.
  2. You can cook according to your beneficial tastes. Usually in Ayurveda, the tastes that benefit you are the ones you like the most. Having the power to make your food as delicious as you want, will boost your digestion of the same. In Ayurveda, if you don’t like the taste of your food, it may actually cause more harm than good if you force yourself to eat it.
  3. It is a meditative/creative activity…a nice break from most types of activities you do during your day at work. Think it of as a mental break from everything else. The only time this may not be true is when you have a very fixed/perfectionistic type of mentality. Avoid doing this, let your intuition flow, put love and patience into it. The best meals come out when we stop trying so hard to make them good.

Good luck on your next cooking adventures!

I am here if you would like to know more about how to cook the ayurvedic way. If you have created a very delicious ayurvedic meal and would like to share it with us, let us know!


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