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The Undeniable relation of your health and food that you consume


You are what you eat and digest. It is such a wonder how we are born as small babies from our mother’s tummy and we quickly grow into a toddler to child to adolescent to young adult and adult. What caused this development is undeniably the food that we consume. After knowing this obvious fact I would want to be more careful in choosing the food I ingest because that will become the blood that carries my life force, or the muscle to cover my entire body or bones that help my body have its shape or even the reproductive juices that will in turn control the health of my progeny.

Often, as a little child,I would always tell my Mom that when I grow up I will just make a magic pill that will quench everyone’s hunger so you don’t have to waste time making food and cleaning dishes and doing the same routine everyday. My mother would chuckle and still continue the same routine. I thought my Mom did not know any better and was just wasting her time doing this mundane task everyday, I was always calculating how best to utilize time to do multiple things while we are here–little did I know that the hard work my Mom put in day in day out helped my tissues to grow healthy and as an adult I am healthy mentally and physically to be able to achieve multiple things I always dreamt about.

We are all in the age where productivity must be visibly seen and measured, so appreciating the time of our mothers and Grandmother’s will be difficult, they have literally spent their entire life making successful people and family with the yummy fresh food they make with love every day.

We now can use the help of technology to make fresh meals–use of instapot, slow cookers, vegetable choppers is definitely making it possible to make fresh meals everyday.

Few Rules of Food Consumption from Ayurveda:

  1. Watch out for the hunger and eat only when you are hungry–don’t hesitate to skip a meal if there is no hunger
  2. Make it a habit to eat what is appropriate for you– with globalization it is very important to go back to our roots and find out the food habits of our ancestors and try to follow that
  3. Food must be warm and little oily
  4. Eat ⅓ capacity with solids and another ⅓ capacity with liquids, keep the remaining ⅓ space empty for the churning of bolus to happen
  5. Fresh home cooked meals are preferred
  6. Stay away from incompatible food combination–ex: milk + salt and sour combinations or milk with fruits
  7. Ayurveda recommends 2 meals per day
  8. Incorporate 6 tastes in the meal starting with sweet and ending with pungent, spicy
  9. Eat your food mindfully

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