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I urge you not to suppress your natural urges

Baby yawning

It is highly impossible for us to design and replicate human body in a laboratory, I often find myself in awe appreciating the nature that has taken so many careful measures in designing our body and the same nature has also given us the tools to maintain equilibrium when there is any imbalance created due to our food, lifestyle and environmental changes. These tools are the natural urges like belching, urinating etc. However, we all live in a civilized world and have always been taught to be polite and well-mannered in public and use our own intellect to suppress the natural urges Well sometimes that comes with a cost and it can affect your priceless health. Acharyas have mentioned that MOST DISEASES ARE CAUSED BECAUSE OF FORCEFUL INITIATION OR SUPPRESSION OF OUR NATURAL URGES. Shocking!!?? Let me elaborate.

Urge is like a tide, it starts slow and then there is a strong impulse and slowly it dies down. If you don’t attend to the tide in its strongest impulse it dies down and you cannot go back to it. Urge always comes with a big force and if you suppress it that force has to exit from the opposite direction; this creates a lot of confusion and havoc in the body. Frequent and consistent suppression leads to many diseases with Heart disease being the biggest and even tumors.

There are 13 Natural physical Urges described by the Acharyas and I also listed the situations where we suppress.

1.Passing Gasex: To be polite and not be socially awkward
2.Bowel Movementex: Esp few places outside U.S where bathroom facilities are not great
3.Urinationex: Mostly in underdeveloped countries where facilities are not great
4.Sneezingex: difficult to hold but few people do this
5.Thirstex: when engrossed in work
6.Hungerex: forgetting body’s natural signal and just keep working
7.Sleepex: Constant need to prove at work or school will deprive us from sleep
8.Coughex: It is difficult to suppress this but some people do
9.Heavy breathing after strainex: not taking enough time to wind down after heavy workout
10.Yawningex: This is considered disrespectful esp. when done in front of a speaker
11.Cryingex: we are all taught to up brave face in front of others
12.Vomitingex: Antiemetics we take to suppress vomiting
13.Ejaculations of Semenex: Masturbation or holding on to pleasure and not ejaculating after sexual act

With our busy schedules we do not give time to ourselves to even evacuate the waste that is  created from the food you have eaten last night. It is like filling up the trash can and not handing it to the garbage truck guy week after week. Imagine the smell you have to bear with if you don’t empty the trash–that is fermentation and the same phenomenon happens in your body and gives you warning signals, if you do not pay attention to those warning signals like pain in the abdomen, loss of hunger, headache etc you will end up in much more serious conditions like loss of vision, heart attacks, facial paralysis and stiff neck. Reversing this situation will be very difficult, So please take a pause, slow down and listen to the natural urges and phenomenon happening in your body.

On the other hand there are mental urges like greed, anger, envy, hatred, lust etc and they must be controlled.

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