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Ayurveda Body Therapies, What Are They For?

Ayurveda Therapies 2

Ayurveda offers many body therapies as a part of a healthy lifestyle to reduce stress and ease off pain. They strengthen not only the physical body but also mind and senses

The A-La-Carte Menu mentioned in the table is not the Panchakarma where extensive detox of the body happens but will help with pain management and stiffness.

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Ayurveda Therapies

If you are trying to pick a therapy for stress relief and mood improvement (and not to treat a specific health condition which requires a consultation), here’s a quick guide that will help you choose:


This massage has an overall balancing feeling. If you want to re-integrate aspects of yourself that have become “separate”, this is the type of massage you can choose. Your body, mind, and sense will be back in harmony in a short period of time. Avoid this massage when you are feeling too restless in both the body and mind. Although the massage will be nice, there are other energy point therapies that you should try first such as Marma therapy.

Vishesh (a deep tissue version of the abhyanga)

Choose this massage when you need to release tension and stiffness in the body. This massage is particularly helpful for people who have a more robust/athletic bodies and need the extra pressure to be able to release tension. Avoid when anxiety and/or sleep problems are too high, in which case you would need a regular abhyanga.


This treatment works wonders when you are completely exhausted. If you don’t have any body pains/tensions and you just simply feel tired and like you cannot go on anymore, this treatment will give your mind the deep rest it is desperate for. This is your go-to when nothing else is helping you quiet your mind. Even if you are a regular meditator, occasionally you may feel the need for some extra boost to help you mediate deeper, and shirodhara is the thing just for that!


Udwarthanam massage is very good at removing the excess lethargy and dullness in both your body and mind. It is first done with oil, then removed, then it is done dry with herbs. The dryness and lightness of the herbs help to stimulate you to become active again when you have been feeling too dull and lazy for a while.

Keep in mind that each type of therapy has contraindications, as so you must first be assessed to make sure you are able to take any of these treatments.

Ask me any time about these therapies. Although they are not always necessary as part of the protocol I prescribe, as long as there aren’t any contraindications, they can be a great addition to give your body and mind some extra support!


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