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Short Term Pleasure Over Long Term Gains

Short term pleasure

We are in the era of “IG”–Instant Gratification which is why we choose short term pleasure over long term gains. Do these simple switches for yourself to see a world of difference.

We tie our happiness with an event and constantly look forward to the next event; but remember being happy is our natural state and it only takes a small shift to recognize.

Remember the company you stay with determines the choices you make; be very cautious about who you hang out with the most…

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Out of the above choices, my favorites are Yoga and Meditation, because they help you crave less for the other types of instant-gratification activities.

Do you remember the last time you felt completely at peace and content? A time where there was nothing to worry or be sad about. Can you remember? For some of us the last time we felt this way may have been so long ago, maybe in childhood. As children, we had everything taken care for us. Our food, our housing, even our pleasurable activities or objects were just handed out to us. We had no obligations towards anyone, and nothing really to achieve.

But as we grew older and we started taking responsibility for our own lives, the worries, struggles and/or failures started to appear. We no longer had someone who would just make us feel instantly better by taking us out to play or giving us our favorite candy. We had to find happiness all on our own, and because we are looking for happiness in the wrong places, instead of finding real happiness, we end up covering the unhappiness with all these instant gratification activities (“IGs”).

Out of all the above good choices, a great one to start is yoga and meditation. A good program really puts them both together. Having a good session where you body feels relaxed and flexible, and where your mind becomes quiet and peaceful, you will feel automatically content and blissful.

If you do this every day no matter what, all the other “IGs” won’t seem as charming as they used to. You will still enjoy these activities, but the joy they provide won’t be as high as the kind of joy you receive when you follow a yoga /meditation program. Thus, you will not feel the urge to overindulge in the other “IGs”. Problem solved!

Let me know if you need a recommendation for a good yoga/meditation program. I am here! 510.556.3738,