Moong Beans

Moong Soup

Moong Bean is the best lentil recommended by Ayurveda, it is loaded with benefits. This particular moong soup helps you with nutrition and also weight loss at the same time. Replace this soup with your meal 1-2 times a week if you are suffering from indigestion and over weight.


Quick Dal

Ingredients Yellow split moong dal-2 cupsMustard seeds–2 pinchesCumin seeds–2 pinchesGarlic–1 clove crushedCurry leaves–5 leavesSalt –to tasteCumin powder–1 tspCoriander powder–1 tspTurmeric–1/2 tspCiltantro–finely chopped half cupGhee–2 tbsp Method Cook 2 cups of dal in 5 cups of water–this will take about 20-30min, simmer at the end when water is almost over and add seasoning to it. For… Read More »Quick Dal


Instant Dosa

As a south Indian it is very difficult for me to ask my clients to give up their favorite idli and dosa. Idli and dosa batters are usually fermented and this can increase heat content in our body. Try this alternative instant dosa instead and let me know how it is Ingredients Rice Flour–2 cups… Read More »Instant Dosa


Vegetable Stew

Freshly prepared food is always recommended according to Ayurveda. Here is a easy to make recipe from my own kitchen and you can use instapot version for the same recipe as well, it is super easy and yummy. Ingredients: Finely chopped vegetables (use seasonally available fresh vegetables other than tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, bell peppers) –… Read More »Vegetable Stew