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Facts about Fats!

Facts about fats 1

Fats are portrayed as the biggest culprit for creating multiple diseases. I come across many fat free recipes everyday and decided to write about it. Let us find out the real scoop behind it.⁠⠀

Our mucosal protective lining that protects various cavities⁠⠀

Myelin sheath that insulates our nerves which also includes brain and spinal cord⁠⠀

Adipose tissue that insulates the body⁠⠀

Synovial fluid to reduce the friction of the joints⁠⠀

Bone marrow inside the bones⁠⠀

Reproductive juices required for procreation⁠⠀

All of these are nourished by fats that we consume. ⁠⠀

Imagine the implications that we would have to face when there is depletion of any of the above — ??????????, ??????????????, ???????? ?????????, ?????????? ?????????, ??????, ?????????? ?????? and many more. It is super clear that lack of fats in diet for long term will affect deeper tissues and cause chronic problems. ⁠⠀

However, it is important to consume good fats like ghee, butter, milk, cold pressed oils, bone soup and not indulge in fried foods. Don’t forget portion control according to your digestive capacity.⁠⠀⁠

Fats also have something to contribute to our mental and emotional health

Some qualities of fat are cooling, sticky, soft/smooth, heavy, slow

The cooling attribute benefits our mind. When we are overworked and/or in front of a screen for too long, our head can get very hot — leading to an agitated mind. In some, this agitation can create doubts and confusion, but in others it may come out as pure anger and frustration! Fats can help us regulate our body temperature and have a cooler mind.

The sticky attribute does just that…stick! Some of us reading this article may identify with procrastination, something that hampers our future goals. Well, the sticky principle in facts can help you be more discipline and stick to your plans! Be careful, too much stickiness can also create too much attachment to our relationships, belongings or ideologies.

The soft and smooth attribute creates a softness and smoothness in your way of speaking, being and treating other people. People with great softness are sweet and pleasant to spend time with. When you are with them, you just feel better! When you have it, you are very kind to yourself.

The heaviness in fats really helps us be more calmed while also giving us more stability. The types of lifestyles most of us are living can be hectic, chaotic, challenging, and stressful. The heaviness attribute creates an inner calmness even in the midst of challenges and activities. It also helps you care less about what others think of you, and/or you stop measuring your success against other people’s. You just simply live your life grateful for what you’ve achieved so far and not stressing about you don’t yet have. In other words, you are emotionally stable.

Lastly, the slow attribute. Have you noticed in you or others how we are sometimes rushed for no real reason? We rush when we drive, we rush when we eat, we rush other people and become impatient if they are not up to our speed. Wow, that rhymed…

We rush and rush as if time is always running out, and this is very unhealthy for our nervous system. The slow attribute in fats helps to calm down our anxiety, take a moment before making a hasty decision, and slow down our emotional overreactions.

Next time don’t blame fats for that rise in cholesterol but scan your digestive ability.⁠⠀

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